Engineering dedicated solutions for your unique environment.

Providing tailor-made solutions for the retail and logistical services environment. Continuously evolving, to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Integrated project house

Building solutions to solve real problems and save customers time and add value to the bottom line.


Every business is unique. It is therefore crucial for Nucleus to lead with R&D in SA and abroad.


Working with our partners to develop and nurture the best possible solutions, to maximise impact.


World class product and solutions design that solves unique business needs and tailored solutions.


In-house manufacturing ensures we have full control over projects, to ensure we deliver the best quality.


To support our 360º approach, we provide on-going maintenance and support for our solutions.

Deliver ROI

Our entire process is aimed to provide the highest quality solutions whilst adding value to the bottom line.

Manufacturing service excellence

Nucleus Industries exist to provide unique and tailor-made solutions and product offerings to clients in the various services environment. 


From concept to execution we create solutions focused on increasing ROI.


We remain invested in the success and maintenance of our solutions though the lifecycle.

The Nucleus way

Value cycle

Our holistic approach is a truly 360º process to delivering value at every stage and ensuring ongoing management and improvement through all products and services. We don’t deliver once off. We remain invested in the success and maintenance of our solutions and we take great pride in delivering excellence at every stage of engagement. 


Driven by a distinct ethos and guided by strong values


We maintain, a strong focus on conducting ourselves with honesty and uncompromising adherence to our strong morals and ethical principles daily. 


Everything we do is steeped in high demand for superior quality and delivering products and services that hold the highest possible standards.


Consistently demonstrating undivided support to our clients and partners. Faithfully devoting ourselves to the success and growth of everyone we work with. 


Holding a firm intention to exceed expectations with honest grit and perseverance. Channelling our mindset to show unyielding courage in all that we do drives us to achieve. 

Pricing that fits you

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We proudly service a large portfolio of big brands and continue to grow through these partnerships. 


We proudly hold a robust partner network. 


We strive to go above and beyond to deliver additional value to our clients. 

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